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Soba shop located in Nagatoro, Japan
TEL 0494-66-2917
【weekday】11:30~14:00 【weekend】11:30~15:00(Closed Tuesday)


Kaenan recommended item

Cold soba noodles

Zaru-soba / udon 700 yen
1 day limited only 5 meals in the country side 800 yen
Kurumi juice soba / udon 800 yen
Tororama soba / noodles 850 yen

Cold buckwheat / noodles (warm soy sauce)

Soba / Udon Noodle Soup with Meat 800 yen
Soba / Udon Noodle Soup with Duck 1、200 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles in Soup with Okukuji Chicken 1、100 yen

Warm soba / noodles

Soba / Udon Noodles in Broth 700 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles with deep-fried tofu 800 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles with Raw Egg 800 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles in Kenchin Soup 1,000 yen
Soba / Udon noodles with meat 800 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles with Fried Batter Droplets 800 yen
Soba / Udon noodles with grated yam 850 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles in Broth with Duck and Scallions 1,200 yen
Soba / Udon Noodles in Broth with Okukuji Chickenand Scallions 1,100円
Udon Noodles in a Curry Soup 1,000 yen

rice dish

mixed tempura bowl soba  / Udon noodles set 1,200 yen
Baked Curry 900 yen
Sticky Curry Rice 900 yen
The rice which mixed with the smoked sweetfish as candied fish 1,400 yen
Roast Chicken Bowl 800 yen

à‐la‐carte menu


Seasonal-vegetable Tempura 600 yen
Mixed Tempura 200 yen
Fried potato with miso 200 yen
Korean carrot Tempura 800 yen


Juice 200 yen
Soda Pop 200 yen
Non-Alcoholic Beer 300 yen
Whiskey 500 yen
Shochu 400 yen
Hot Sake 400 yen
Cold Sake 650 yen
Cocktail in a can 300 yen
Canned Beer 350 yen
Bottle Beer 650 yen


Sweet potato pudding 300 yen
Homemade siruped shaved ice
600 yen