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Soba shop located in Nagatoro, Japan
TEL 0494-66-2917
【weekday】11:30~14:00 【weekend】11:30~15:00(Closed Tuesday)


Commitment to buckwheat noodles

Kaedean is serving hand-made soba using homemade buckwheat flour.

We sow from the seeds and harvest them and grind them with stone mill to make buckwheat flour.

Buckwheat the rice bran of Rishiri in Hokkaido for 24 hours, take out the soup with a thick cut of Satsuma bonito after taking out the fire, and finished with soba juice which was put asleep for more than half a year.

The pride of tempura is the main character of natural wild grass and local vegetables from Nagatoro’s seasonal earth.

There is also a cushion seat so that you can enjoy your meal slowly with your family.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.